Coming Soon to our Website: Patient Testimonials

WCEA is thankful to our wonderful patients for their willingness to let us know how we are doing. We strive to make every patient’s experience a positive one and this would not be possible without your feedback! Check out what one of our valued patients had to say about her recent cataract surgery performed by Dr. Creekmore and keep your eye out for more patient testimonials to be featured on our website in the near future!

“My name is Annette. I’m a fifty-one year old female who was diagnosed with fairly severe cataracts. My parents see Dr. Krontz at WCEA and have always been extremely satisfied with his care. Of course, being the excellent doctor that he is, it would have taken me quite a while to get in to see him. I was referred to Dr. Creekmore. As pleased as my parents are with Dr. Krontz, I’ve been even more so with Dr. Creekmore. Not only is she an amazing doctor, but for me she went way above and beyond “normal” practice and gave me a gift that no words can ever properly convey how wonderful and amazing that gift is. Aside from the cataracts, I was also extremely near sighted. Because of this, Dr. Creekmore felt that I would be a prime candidate for the new multifocal lenses that have become available. Normal lenses restore far sight, but reading glasses are required for close up. The multifocal restored far and medium distance and in most cases reduced the need for glasses for up close. Fortunately, I had already done quite a bit of research on these lenses and had educated myself on both the pluses and minuses. Almost all of the minuses I read about seemed to be one of the themes that people who had opted for these lenses thought they were going to have perfect eyesight in all ranges and would have no need for glasses at all. Of course the manufacturers of the new lenses had “embellished” what these lenses could do. Luckily I had looked much deeper than just the hype and knew that there would still be some limitations. I was already wearing glasses all of the time, and what an improvement (at least in my mind) to only need readers for really up close or fine print reading. Both Dr. Creekmore and I were very excited at seeing how these lenses would perform. Ok, here comes the crash wall. Cost. Each lens ran about $3000. Strike one. It’s a new technology, and insurance won’t cover ANY of the cost of the lenses. Strike two. Payment plans weren’t an option. Strike three and I’m out. Still, I was okay with that because the other lenses would still allow me to see far better than I currently could. After speaking to Cyndee about the costs, I asked for 24 hours to make a final decision. I had one option I could look into to come up with the cost, but I didn’t really want to go in that direction. When I called the next day to let Cyndee know I would have to go with the regular lenses, she had a surprise waiting for me. It seems that Dr. Creekmore was really interested in seeing how this new multifocal lens would work with someone as nearsighted as I was. She had contacted the manufacturer, informed them of my condition, and had gotten them to supply her with samples. Because of this, I got the lenses for FREE! My insurance covered their part of the doctor and hospital fees which left me to pay only my deductibles and any costs above what my insurance covered. What would have been an approximately $6,500 price tag out-of-pocket became a $500 price tag. This I could do. So now, almost one year later, I couldn’t be more happy and satisfied with the lenses. Do I have perfect vision, can I shoot lasers out of my eyes, see multiple light spectrums or have x-ray vision? Um, no. What I do have is the ability to drive at night safely, to read road signs, to work and play on my iPad and even read most fine print…all without glasses! This would have never happened if not for Dr. Creekmore and all of the wonderful staff at Western Carolina Eye Associates. Everyone I’ve ever encountered there was so kind, pleasant and let’s face it, knows what they are doing. WCEA and its people are a very rare jewel in the medical community.”

-Annette Sepega (Mountain City, TN)

Anna Greene