Western Carolina Eye Associates offers comprehensive contact lens exams. Dr. Copenhaver and Dr. Lanier will work tirelessly to ensure that you are fitted with lenses that offer optimal comfort and the most precise vision possible.


We carry a vast selection of prescription contact lenses in the following brands:

  • Acuvue

  • Alcon/CibaVision

  • Bausch+Lomb

  • CooperVision

If we don’t have what you need we will gladly order them for you.

Our Contacts Lens Consultants work closely with the doctors to ensure desired trials are on hand or quickly ordered to offer adequate options that suit your personal needs. They also assist you through the entire purchasing process.

Whether you are paying out of pocket or have a contact lens insurance allowance our contact lens consultants are devoted to offering you the best out of pocket pricing possible.

    Annual Supply Benefits Program

    When you purchase an annual supply of contacts through our office, the most accurate records of your prescription and order history are held in one place, eliminating confusion and the possibility for error for both you and the Optometrist. Enjoy the following benefits for making such a wise decision.

    - Free shipping on Annual Orders
    - 20% off Glasses
    - 30% off Sunglasses
    - Free Trial Lenses in cases of emergency or while waiting for your order to arrive
    - We will exchange unopened boxes of lenses if your RX changes
    - Free Sample size of Contact Lens Solution
    - Complimentary SkinCare or Permanent Makeup Consultation with samples





We have access to all the leading hard and soft contact lens brands and styles. We also have access to lenses that are harder to find for patients who require a more specialized prescription. We offer Spherical, Toric, Multifocal options.


We offer exclusive rebates (not available for online purchases) to help you get the most bang for your buck on 6 month and annual supply orders. Some of the rebates can be mailed in and others can be redeemed online or by phone.


You can pay for your order over the phone or stop by one of our convenient locations. We accept cash, check or credit card. We will redeem your insurance benefit and adjust your price in order to offer you the best out-of-pocket prices. This will also prevent you from having to bother with reimbursements. Our consultants are experienced and trained to help you redeem the most insurance allowance possible.


We keep comprehensive records of your order and trial history which is a tremendous help for updating or changing your prescription. Keeping this information in one place eliminates confusion for you and the doctor.


You can pick up your lenses at either of our convenient locations in Boone, Banner Elk or Jefferson. We will gladly mail your contact lens supply straight to your home or place of work. Annual Supply orders mail for free while smaller orders will be a flat $8.00 fee.


We will work with you and provide trial lenses as backups in special cases where you have a lost, broken or infected lens. We will also offer trials in a case where there may be a lapse between the ordering of lenses and your next appointment. If you have a defective lens we will gladly replace it. Unfortunately, we can not replace lenses purchased from other vendors or offer trials if you choose to order your supply elsewhere.


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