Maximize Your Sports Performance With the Right Eyewear

Each year in the United States, more than 100,000 eye injuries are estimated to be sports-related. Any sport in which balls, racquets or flying objects are present pose a potential for eye injury. Flying objects aren't the only hazard. Many eye injuries come from pokes and jabs by fingers and elbows, particularly in games where players are in close contact with each other.

Another aspect has to do with performance. It used to be common for people with mild to moderate prescriptions to simply participate in sports without wearing glasses or contact lenses, but sharp vision is a vital ingredient to performing well in nearly every sport. The material of choice for sports and recreational activities is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and provide ultra-violet protection. It is recommended to include a scratch-resistant coating on both the front and back surface of the lenses for added durability. Lens tint colors for your sunglasses or goggles are sport and lighting specific.

Recommended Lens Options

lens tints.jpg

Polarized lenses are specially designed to filter reflected light and are recommended for any activity that takes place in bright light.

Yellow or orange tints heighten contrast in hazy, foggy or low-light conditions. These tints can make objects appear sharper both indoors and outdoors, but are recommended and specially helpful for shooting and hunting. 

Rose and red tints are soothing to the eyes and more comfortable for longer wear-times. Choose rose or red lenses for cycling, hunting, shooting, skiing or snowboarding. 

Gray is a traditional sunglass tint that absorbs all wavelengths of light equally. This tint reduces brightness and glare while allowing the wearer to recognize colors accurately. Choose gray for bright light conditions, driving and outdoor sports such as golf, running or cycling. 

Green tints reduce glare, offers heightened contrast while preserving color balance and improves the sharpness of your vision. Shades of green also tend to make you more comfortable in bright light. Choose green lenses for precision sports such as tennis, baseball and golf. 

Amber and brown tints reduce glare, increases contrast and sharpens vision especially against green and blue backgrounds such as grass and sky. Brown and amber tints can brighten vision on a cloudy day. Choose these colors for fishing, baseball, golf, hunting and cycling. 

Clear lenses filter minimal amounts of light and should be used in normal to low levels of illumination. A clear lens can provide significant protection to the eye and the surrounding structures. Choose for racquetball, indoor tennis, basketball or other indoor activities. 

Nike sunglasses offer tint options designed for golfing or outdoor activities. The Nike Course tint is ideal for any golf course because the ball visually pops and the contours of the green are revealed. The Nike Terrain tint increases contrast and improves your perception of details in uneven ground while reducing bright light making it ideal for trail running, hiking and mountain biking. 


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Anna Greene