Beauty beyond Skin Deep

We treat many patients with various health and allergy concerns. Conversations often lead to questions about cosmetics, lotions, and eye creams. When we added our permanent makeup department we saw an increase in patients asking for advice about skin care options. In an effort to offer more comprehensive services and educated answers to common questions, we began to research safe skin care options that we could feel comfortable recommending as a medical practice.

Our research lead us to a Dermalogica. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. It started in 1986, has been researched and tested in over 80 countries, receiving 324 awards to date. Our Cosmetic team has received hands-on instruction from a highly-trained Dermalogica educators paired with helpful tools to create an experience that delivers incredible results. 


What we Like:

  • Health over Beauty

If the skin is healthy it will be beautiful naturally.  Dermalogica does not cut corners in order to address “beauty” concerns but focuses on the health of the skin, making their products more effective in offering sustainable solutions and lasting change for your personal needs. In order to improve skin health, Dermalogica products are free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts or reactions (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances).
  • Exclusive Training:

Dermalogica products are only available from qualified skin care professionals trained at The International Dermal Institute. Our devotion to medical training and responsible patient care drew us to Dermalogica so we are proud to say that our cosmetic team has completed all required training through the International Dermal Institute. Our team is enthusiastic about the wealth of information they have acquired and continue to pursue through thorough training and continued education.
  • Educating Consumers:

80% of skin health is achieved at home so WCEA and Dermalogica are dedicated to educating clients about the effects and importance of ingredients in the products they use. Helping you truly understand your skin will set you up for a lifetime of skin health. We are passionate about helping you find skin care products that will best treat your conditions based on your skin type. We will also offer you personalized regimens in order to create healthy habits for long term results. 
  • Effective Results:

Before we started offering Dermalogica to our patients we offered samples to our staff in order to get first-hand feedback regarding these products and services. We offered Face Mapping,  facials and samples to any staff members who wanted to try Dermalogica. The response was overwhelmingly positive and results were obvious. Our clients have had the same positive experiences and continue to see significant results as they use the personalized skin care regimen offered during their free consultation. 

With the support of our WCEA team we are now proud to offer Dermalogica to our patients and the community!

Skin Care Services

face mapping:
Free - a part of our comprehensive consultation

Face Mapping®, Dermalogica’s unique skin analysis, is a free service offered with your first consultation and provides insight into your skin’s past and present, and allows the subsequent prescription of a targeted home care regime for a healthy skin future. In a Face Mapping session we will identify your top concern, then provide a personalized product prescription. Face Mapping® is only available from Dermalogica skin care professionals at one of their Concept Spaces, or at an authorized salon, like Western Carolina Eye Associates.


microZone® express skin treatment
$35 dollars - Includes personalized free samples

We can solve most pressing skin concerns in just 30 minutes! With MicroZone treatments, our trained professionals can perform a flash exfoliation, quickly revive tired eyes, target last-minute breakouts or more. Treatment are 100% customized to each individual’s skin health needs. It’s one results-driven treatment that’s different every time!  This personalized service makes a great gift or is ideal for on-the-go maintenance and preparing for special events like weddings and prom.


bioactive™ peel:
$90.00  - Includes an aftercare kit.

Decrease surface roughness, treat acne, reduce fine lines and fade pigmentation with this groundbreaking, biologically-active chemical peel. Less toxic and more affordable than the average peel, BioActive Peel works with the skin, not against it, to yield safe, maximum results with no downtime. Our staff and patients rave about the amazing effects of this treatment. We now offer this service in the Ashe and Boone locations. Bioactive Peels typically last about an hour.


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