New Year, New You

As we cross over the threshold of a brand new year, what better time to give your daily skin care routine a face lift!? Ally and Pam, our Certified Dermalogica Technicians want YOU to have your best skin yet in 2017. It is important that you know your skin before you treat it. Our Dermalogica products are amazing, effective and there is a product for every skin type. We, at WCEA, are proud of these products and here are just a couple of reasons why:

WE BELIEVE IN SKIN HEALTH. Dermalogica launched in 1986, during a time when hair was big and beauty was more important than skin health. Dermalogica delivered innovation through extensive research, real ingredients and positive results. Today, Dermalogica is still turning heads because of their products and treatments that work, and healthy skin that goes farther than skin deep.  

WE BELIEVE PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE SHOULD NOT BE A LUXURY. Skin care is a critical part of our daily routines, just like brushing your teeth! Along with your eyes, skin is one of your largest and most valuable organs. Here at Western Carolina Eye Associates, we are passionate about how people care for their eyes as well as their skin.


  • 80% of your skin health is accomplished at home
  • SPF should be applied 365 days a year
  • Fluorescent lights give off UV rays
  • 98% of skin aging is UV (sun) induced
  • Freckles are the first signs of sun damage on children
  • Pillowcases should be changed weekly to help prevent breakouts
  • Your acne and breakouts could be caused by dry skin

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Anna Greene