Low Vision

    Hi, my name is Bonnie Bradley and I am dedicated to helping our low vision patients to be able to perform their daily at home activities, or even on the go.  Did you know that someone is considered "low vision" if they are not able to be corrected better than 20/50?  I want to be able to train those people at that time to use the products we have so they know that there is always hope.  I never want someone to give up on their vision or say they think they have a poor quality of life because of their vision.

    We have a wide range of products that could help you or your loved one see better.  It could be something as simple as a lighted hand held magnifier to a CCTV, which is something like a huge computer with a projector that will help you magnify what you want to up to 80x, if not more!  They even make the CCTVs now that will read the material to you if you get tired.  There are also products that you can take outside of the home so you can enjoy shopping again!  All the newer technological products now come in HD to help give you an even clearer picture.

    Currently, I am doing low vision consults on Thursday mornings, or by appointment.  At that time we will assess you visual goals and determine what products are best for you!

    So please, give me a call at (828)264-0042 to set up an appointment.  I also ask that you bring any materials with you that you would normally like to read at home.  

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Bonnie Bradley