Buying Glasses Online: Savings or Scams?

There are some great ways to save money, but eye care is not the place to cut corners- a lower price almost ensures lower quality. Don't believe us? Findings from the AOA's study on online glasses yield some surprising results you may want to consider before browsing online:

44.8% of glasses ordered online are incorrect. Nearly half of the glasses ordered, using the correct prescription, were returned with incorrect prescriptions and safety issues.

The American Optometric Association ( performed an independent research study on glasses ordered via the internet. They had 10 individuals (using the prescriptions provided by their doctors) order 200 pairs of eyeglasses online. The glasses were then tested for their accuracy and quality. Final test results showed 44.8% of the glasses had incorrect prescriptions and safety issues.

As a doctor's office whose highest priority is the quality of your eye care, we are not happy with these results and what they mean for our patients who choose to purchase their glasses online. Our office provides the High Country with an extensive variety of frames for every budget, our own in-office optical lab, and our skilled and knowledgeable staff to ensure the utmost quality for your vision care!

Along with superior quality, WCEA provides the best warranty around for both frames and lenses purchased through our office. Our optical staff have a combined 75+ years of experience, and would love for you to stop by and SEE why we're the most trusted eye care provider in the High Country!

We Care... You'll See!

Kristen Stroud