Permanent Eyebrows

     Eyebrows enhance a woman's natural beauty.  Brows frame the face and allow you a unique and beautiful facial expression.  Ladies everywhere have reached a point where time and effort, penciling, and shaping their own are NO longer worth the battle!  The interesting fact is, there is no age limit.  Ladies, ages 18 to 85, are loving their results of lasting permanent eyebrows!

     Many ladies have questions about how they can benefit from permanent eyebrows.

Imagine these amazing benefits...

  1. Freedom and convenience from daily makeup applications.
  2. No reapplication during the day.
  3. Those who are physically having difficulty applying makeup.
  4. Are you active or have oily skin? Say bye-bye to smudging and fading!
  5. Never reapply after showers or a swim.

Here is an example of using hair strokes to blend and create a natural looking eyebrow.

Bonnie Bradley